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Top-Loading Custom Industrial Ovens
Under 10 cubic feet

About Keen Industrial Ovens:

Keen industrial ovens are used in many different industries for a wide variety of heat processing applications. Each Keen customer has a unique heating application, part size and temperature requirement, and a custom industrial oven is often the most effective choice for their specific heat processing needs.  If your parts require pre-heating or post-heating before installation, welding or assembly, Keen can custom design an industrial oven tailored to your specific process.

Following are some common items that customers have preheated in Keen industrial ovens:

  • ship bearings
  • cylinder heads
  • castings
  • welded joints
  • carbon filters
  • PVC extruder dies
  • plates
  • aluminum
  • carbon steel joints
  • pumps
  • aluminum bicycle frames
  • chainsaw blades

If you have any questions please feel free to call us (888)512-2870 or e-mail sales@keenovens.com.

Each preheat oven below was custom-manufactured to client specifications. Our payment policy for all custom models not in stock is 50% down at time of order and 50% when the oven is ready to ship. Please contact us with any questions.

Cubic Feet PHOTOS
13"L x 13"W x 20"D
3.25 cft Click Here for Oven Photos
2 top loading preheat oven
24"L x 24"W x 12"D
4 cft Click Here for Oven Photos
3 top loading preheat oven
24"L x 24"W x 12"D
4 cft Click Here for Oven Photos

18"L x 18"W x 24"D

4.5 cft Click Here for Oven Photos
20"W X 20"L X 20"D

4.6 cft
Click Here for Oven Photos
30"L x 30"W x 12"D
6.25 cft Click Here for Specs, Case Study and Oven Photos
7 top loading preheat oven
24"L x 30"W x 20"D
8 cft Click Here for Oven Photos
8 top loading preheat oven
24"L x 24"W x 24"D
8 cft Click Here for Oven Photos


Standard Features of Keen Industrial Ovens

Rugged Oven Construction

Keen industrial ovens are constructed of heavy gauge steel and built to last repetitive batch heating processes.  Depending upon the oven design, single and double-door units are outfitted with heavy-duty hinges and handles to endure repeated opening and closing. Heavy-duty explosion-proof latches are also available.  Oven doors are fully gasketed and insulated according to the maximum temperature rating specified for the unit. 

Temperature controls, on/off switches, pilot lights and other electronic features are typically housed in a side control box riveted to the side of the oven.  Please note our industrial ovens may vary considerably because each customer has a unique specification that we address during the design phase. Our industrial ovens are Made in USA and backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

Quality Temperature Control

We offer a variety of options regarding temperature control from analog dial type to fully programmable, touch button ramp and soak microprocessor controls.  All industrial oven controls are UL listed products and a variety of limit controls, timers and chart recorders are also available. Learn more!

Efficient, Customized Heating

Firstly, all Keen custom industrial ovens are electrical; we do not offer gas models.  In the initial design phase, we obtain the heat processing objectives from the customer and obtain information about target part temperature, part weight, material and size.   We then determine the amount of wattage needed for the oven to achieve the objectives of the customer.  Providing the customer an application-specific heating capacity offers a great deal of flexibility in tailoring the overall oven design to suit the specific application.

All Keen custom ovens are highly insulated units, and the amount of insulation is determined by the maximum temperature rating specified for the oven.  As mentioned previously, each industrial oven is designed specifically for the customer’s process, so the wattage of our ovens can vary greatly.  Some customers only need a basic industrial oven with very little heating power, while others have time-critical applications and therefore need to have a much higher wattage.  Please contact us with your requirements and we will determine the proper power input for your application.

Depending upon oven design, we can install heating elements on the bottom or on the sides.  Many customers prefer to have a top-to-bottom working space and in those cases side installation of the elements is often preferred.  Our UL-CSA certified and approved tubular elements come in 500W and 1000W versions.  Depending upon the oven design, as few as one or as many as 30 or more elements can be used in a single oven.

Customized Shelving

Shelving is an important aspect of our industrial oven design because it is essential for easy loading and unloading of parts.   Fabrication and design of shelving is specific to the customer’s process and requests and can consist of flat perforated, removable, vertically adjustable, cradled, stackable baskets, trays and much more.  Please click here to see various examples of of shelving we designed for our industrial ovens.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us (888)512-2870 or e-mail sales@keenovens.com.

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