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Keen TIG Filler Wire Ovens (TIG, GTAW)

Made in the USA and ruggedly constructed, Keen TIG wire storage ovens are available in a wide variety of capacities to suit the most rigorous welding operations.  We offer the widest storage capacity range in the industry and can customize any unit upon request.  We also have the unmatched ability to design one-of-a-kind TIG wire storage ovens for unique storage requirements.  Welding codes are constantly changing, and Keen is ready to meet the demands of today’s welders.

Below is a list of industries where Keen welding TIG filler wire ovens

  • Aerospace Machinery Repair and Fabrication
  • Pipe Line Welding Repair and Fabrication
  • Structural Welding
  • Ship Repair and Conversion
  • Shipbuilding
  • Steel Elevated Water Tanks
  • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Repair and Fabrication
  • Steel Tank Fabrication
  • Large Sign Fabrication

For small shops requiring moisture-free storage of TIG wire, we offer small bench models like the KT-4-36 that is capable of storing 24 tubes of 36” length wire.   For bigger shops, we offer large-capacity floor-positioned ovens such as the K-360-36 and the KT-99 - originally designed for Boeing - which also features a sliding drawer for storing FCAW wire or MIG wire.

Many military defense, aerospace manufacturing and repair facilities trust KEEN for safe, humidity-free storage of their expensive TIG alloys.  The KT-99 with it’s Lexan door and locking door feature has been a mainstay for many aerospace companies around the world that prefer high-quality American products manufactured by Keen.  Custom version of the KT-99 are available including a nitrogen purge version, as well as a model with 2 MIG/FCAW drawers.

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Model Capacity Interior Dimension Voltage Temperature

75 lbs
28" rods
8"L x 8"W X
30" deep
120v or 240v

Dial Adjustable 150F-550F

36" filler wire (capacity depends on wire diameter)
6 X 6 X 36.63H 120v or 240



600 lbs
18" rods, up to 6-12" wire spools, 8 tubes 36" filler rods in door rack, mixed-use flat shelf

27.5" x 20.5" x 40"

120v & 240v

150°-550° F
(65.5°-288° C)


36" filler material on sliding shelves, mixed-use sliding drawer holds up to 12-12" wire spools and/or powders

20" x 37.5" x 47.5"

120v & 240v

50°-250° F
(10°-121° C)


360 lbs. 36" Filler material

20" x 18" x 37"

120v & 240v

50°-250° F
(10°-121° C)


8-10 lb tubes 36" Filler Material, up to 18-12" wire spools

27.5" x 20.5" x 40"

120v & 240v

50°-250° F
(10°-121° C)

24 tubes 36" Filler Material
18" X 37" X 18" H 120V & 240V 50ºF - 250ºF

Custom Shelving Available


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