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Keen Industrial Heat Treatment Ovens

Keen cylinder industrial heat treatment oven Front load industrial heat treating oven K-VF6 Preheating Ovens

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Since 1972, clients around the world have relied on Keen to design and build custom heat treatment ovens for a variety of heat treating applications. Every customer has a unique preheating requirement, and we possess the creativity and technology to create industrial heat treatment ovens designed for your specific industrial process. 

See our front-loading industrial heat treatment ovens

See our top-loading industrial heat treatment ovens

Keen heat treatment ovens are used in a wide variety of industries such as:

  • Heavy Industry
  • Pipeline and Pipe Fabrication Industries
  • Oil Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Steel Fabrication Industry
  • Construction Industry

Each customer often has a specific process that requires the heat treating of parts, components or materials prior to assembly.  Their parts are unique in size and shape, and a customized heat treatment oven specific to the part and application is often the only solution to streamline the process.  Keen is your solution.

Following are some common items that customers have in our industrial heat treat ovens:

    • Many types of bearings
    • cylinder heads
    • castings
    • welded joints
    • Thrust bearings
  • plates
  • aluminum
  • carbon steel joints
  • pumps

Our industrial heat treating ovens are:

    • Made in USA
    • Electric Only
    • Rated up to 950°F only
    • Not for food use

Following is the information we need in order to get a quote:

    1. If the type of oven required is front-loading or top-loading
    2. Size and material of part(s) (photos of part are helpful)
      Weight of part(s)
    3. Total number of pieces to be stored in oven at one time
    4. If the preheating is time critical (must be heated in 1 hour, etc)
    5. Required voltage and phase (we can do 120V,  240V 1-Ph, 240V 3
      Ph, 480V 1-Ph, 480V 3-Ph)
    6. Type of temperature control desired (analog, digital up/down,
      digital programmable)

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    Note: These ovens has numerous customized applications, including as an industrial bearing oven.


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