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Keen Industrial Bearing Ovens

Customers with unique bearing preheating applications often face difficulty when searching for a heating solution that can accommodate the quantity, unique size and shape of their bearings. At Keen, our goal is to provide one-of-a-kind solutions that will enable our customers to preheat bearings effectively regardless of the size and shape.

Many bearing preheating solutions exist in the market today that are suitable for preheating low quantities.  For customers that require batch processing or higher quantities, Keen can produce economically-priced, electrical bearing ovens with advanced temperature control, heavy-gauge steel construction and customized shelving. 

Advantages of Keen industrial bearing ovens:

  • Made in USA
  • Wide variety of bearing oven capacities available
  • Wide selection of temperature control methods from simple analog
    dial thermostats to digitally programmable PID microprocessors
  • Customized shelving to suit your application: cradled shelving,
    removable shelving, adjustable shelving, heated tubes
  • Batch heat processing ensures you will have bearings heated and

Depending upon the bearing oven design, we can install heating elements on the bottom or on the sides.  Many customers prefer to have a top-to-bottom working space and in those cases side installation of the elements is often preferred.  Our UL-CSA certified and approved tubular elements come in 500W and 1000W versions.  Depending upon the bearing oven design, as few as one or as many as 30 or more elements can be used in a single oven.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us (888)512-2870 or e-mail sales@keenovens.com.



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