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A Mig Hobby Shop - 2

When you feel you understand the safety practices you'll need to follow, the next step will be toolin' up your very own Mig welding hobby shop. (By the way, this could be a Stick or Tig welding shop also. I'm doing this for the hobbyist and Mig is the easiest way to get started into the freakin' awesome world of welding!)

Tooling up your shop:

mig tools

Toolin' up your Mig welding hobby shop is important because it is the foundation you'll be working off of. A good tool can be like a good friend to you. I had a sleever bar (A 30 inch long, 7/8 inch thick pry bar we use to move beams, columns etc. with.) that a buddy gave me a long time ago. I moved a lot of steel with that bar and even bet my life on it using it to stand on way up high a few times. Some stinkin' thief stole it on a job and I felt like I had just lost my best friend!

You want to get the best tools for the job and you want to use the right tool for the right job. (i.e. don't use a cutting torch head for a hammer as I saw a moron once do!) You also want to let the tool do its job. That's what it was designed to do, make your life easier. That means don't push real hard on a grinder, don't pull a chop saw handle down too hard, don't push too hard on a drill bit (actually saw a guy push so hard it BENT a titanium bit. They usually break, but this one bent!) In your Mig welding hobby shop…let the tool do the work that it was designed to do!

Just like following safety practices in welding and cutting for your Mig welding hobby shop, you should also ALWAYS practice correct safety procedures with hand and machine tools. Eye protection, ear protection, gloves, clothing etc. should always be used as necessary. I could write tons of stories about seeing people (including yours truly) getting hurt, maimed and killed in both shops and the field. I'm leaving the safety education up to you and telling you it AIN'T worth cutting corners when it comes to safety!

Now it's time to talk tools for your new Mig welding hobby shop. In life there are needs versus wants…you need air/food/shelter, you want a new Ferrari. There are tools you're gonna' need, and some you're gonna' want. Better to go with those you need, then start with the wants. Research all you can about what you're gonna' buy. Duty cycles for your Mig welding machine or plasma cutter (how long it can weld in a ten minute period without overheating), 110, 220 volt or both, reliability, etc.

Then comes the fun part, going out and getting your new tools, just like a kid in a candy shop!

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