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Tools for a MIG Welding Hobby Shop - Part 2


You can get a pair of gloves for anywhere from $3 to $30. You danged sure don't need a $30 pair of gloves for hobby work! On the other hand, a $3 pair ain't gonna' cut it either. They're usually stiff, shoddy, and don't last long at all.

You want a pair that is comfortable. Even the comfortable ones feel like boxing gloves when you first get them and try to pick up something small. But with use they'll break in and get to feeling pretty good.

You can use a pair of work gloves for small stuff but if they aren't all leather they'll catch on fire.

There are special Mig gloves that are really thin with no insulation that are fantastic EXCEPT…you gotta' remember they have no insulation. Grab something hot with ‘em and it's just like you have no gloves on at all!

Even with good insulated gloves it's not a good idea to grab hot stuff. (I've done it and it didn't take long for me to set it back down!) Besides burning your hand, the leather will become real stiff if it gets hot so use pliers, that's what they're made for.

Wire Brush

Cleanliness is godliness in all welding, but especially in Mig. It does not tolerate paint, dirt, rust or oil. A good hand brush is good for all but the oil so it's good to keep one on your machine.

If you are going to work on aluminum or stainless you will need a separate stainless steel brush for each one.

If you use a mild steel brush on stainless or aluminum you will contaminate them.

If you use a stainless steel brush on mild steel it will then contaminate the stainless or aluminum when you use it on them.

So get one for mild steel, one for aluminum and one for stainless.

Anti Spatter

You can get this in an aerosol can, or more of a gunky form in a container. The aerosol you spray into the Mig nozzle, the gunk you dip the nozzle into after you've warmed it up by running a couple of beads. This keeps the spatter that is kicked up out of the weld pool from sticking in the inside of your nozzle. Too much spatter and it will obstruct your shielding gas which will mess your weld pool ALL up!

It also works well on art projects if you want to keep the spatter off by rubbing it on, or spraying it onto the surface around your weld before you start. A good chisel will work also, but may scratch and scar the surface.

It's a good idea to clean the inside of the mig nozzle and gas ports regularly.

Chipping Hammer for Flux-core

If you plan on doing flux-core along with Mig you're gonna' need a chipping hammer to chip the slag with.

If you're not sure the difference between Mig and flux-core check out this link to Lincoln Electric

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