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Welding Jobs

I just finished an article about welding as a career and how welders are in HIGH demand right now for welding jobs.

The same day I wrote it I received an email and a phone call about welding jobs needing hands, one local, the other in South Carolina. "In three years of being a staffing company owner I've only been able to find one welder here in SC worth hiring then he got fired a few weeks later b/c he wasn't that motivated. There's definitely a huge need for welders. I'm trying to attract more welders to SC for several clients right now. One client does steel for sky scrapers and the other does stainless steel for industrial kitchens. "Ken Carey, AGIL Staff www.agilstaff.com

I could write volumes on how there aren't enough welders, and more on the welders who are unqualified, or not motivated to work and do the job right. So what does that mean for someone thinking about getting into the trade? NOW is the time to do it! The work conditions have improved remarkably in shops as well as out in the field. Welding jobs are safer and the pay is very attractive.

In the above article I stress the importance of researching welding jobs and list some sites to help do so. If you're thinking about getting a welding job, you should plan on going for the gusto in a NICE, SAFE, WELL-PAYING company whether it be a shop welding job or out in the field.

There is a wide diversity of welding jobs out there from safe, clean environments to dirty, dangerous, lousy environments. There are good paying welding jobs, and there are lousy paying welding jobs. You DON'T want the latter. Back in the day I might have said it was ok to work a crummy, low-paying job to get the experience, but not now. If you get the right training, you can find a welding job in a good company that pays well even for greenhorns.

Go to Lincoln Electric Welding School and you can be in a good paying welding job in as little as three or four months. Go to a community college and you can land a good job with a one-year certificate. That is, of course, IF you bust your ass learning! I get all kinds of students who want to go make $40 or $50 and hour, but don't want to practice or study theory, blue prints, or metallurgy.

To land a good welding job, you have to burn baby burn. Burn rod after rod after rod, run wire big time, practice cutting, study, and then go back to burning. The more you burn, the more you learn…the more you learn, the more you'll earn. Corny sounding but as true as true can be. If you ain't willing to burn rod practicing, you won't last on a good welding job.

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