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Welding Education Introduction

Welding Education can be from a few months to a few years. Then when you're in the industry it is a lifelong learning process.

If you attend one of the good trade schools, obtain a 2 year associate degree, or even a Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering, you will have covered the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the welding trade. There is so much theory and metallurgy out there, some still not explained and other information just now being discovered. It would be impossible to learn it all. That's why it is good to specialize in several of the fundamental processes, and then learn all you can about everything else.

Many people don't realize that welding education involves math, science, physics, metallurgy, and theory as well as hands-on practice. More and more is being learned about the current processes while new processes are being developed.

On this page we will list different links concerning many types of welding education available. Some links will be about a specific school, while others will be a list of many different schools.

You should always research a school and make sure it is legitimate before paying to attend. Unfortunately there are some schools out there that only want to take your money with no concern about you learning. Some of these schools will want you to sign a contract. Many people don't read the fine print and find they must pay the whole tuition even if they become dissatisfied, or need to move. Some of these schools may have decent welding education available, but charge much more; sometimes thousands of dollars more than you would pay at a reputable school.

Research the school! Talk to current students and staff. Ask about job placement. And most of all…READ the FINE PRINT!!!

These links may be updated from time to time.

American Welding Society Industry Links:

American Welding Society Education Page:

Hobart School of Welding:

Lincoln Electric Welding School:


The Ocean Corporation:

The Navy Joining Center:

The Edison Welding Institute:

Miller eTraining for Mig, Plasma Cutting, & Electricity:

Miller Welding Library:

ESAB Knowledge Center:


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