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Case Study: Preheat Oven for
Tube Casings for Extrusion Machines

This oven can be modified to suit your application,
just call us at 888-763-6836

Customer Background:

Part to be Preheated:
Tube casings for extrusion machines
Part Material:
Part Dimensions:
12" Diameter x 40"Long
Part Weight:
60 lbs / each
Target Preheating Temperature: 
Number of pieces to be heated at one time:
8 pcs total
Required preheat  time frame:
None Specified

Project Background:

Goodyear engineers had a specific preheating application that was required for very long extrusion casings used in their manufacturing processes. The parts had to be preheated to 200F so that they would function properly. We suggested the K-360-36 preheat oven, but modified to suit their unique requirement. The standard K-360-36 heat treat oven has corrugated shelving for storing 36" TIG welding rods, but for this custom modification no shelves were installed.

The length of the preheating ovenalsoneeded to be extended to accommodate the 40" tube casings. A dial adjustable thermostatwas installed in the side control box along with an ON/OFF indicator light.This custom oven is useful for a variety of purposes. The temperature range can be modified for any application.

K-360-46 Preheat Oven Specifications:

Shelving Style: None - Perforate steel base only
Temperature Control: Dial Adjustable Thermostat
Voltage: Dual 120V/240V
Cycle: 50 or 60
Wattage: 500W/2000W
Thermometer: Bimetal in door
On/Off Light: Yes
Insulation: 2"
Thermostat Temp Range: 150F-550F
Interior Dims: 46" L x 18" W x 24" H
Exterior Dims: N/A
Net Weight: 203 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 275 lbs.

Oven Construction


The K-360-46 heat treating oven is constructed of carbon steel throughout. The oven exterior has a highly durable, powder-coat finish in blue that is resistant to scratching and corrosion. This a front-loading, floor-positioned preheating oven and is designed to be stored on a floor for ease of access to the parts being preheated. Forklift slots are welded to the bottom of the oven to facilitate movement.

The door hinges are tack-welded to ensure smooth operation for many years. The control panel which houses the dial adjustable thermostat is mounted on the side of the oven with heavy-duty rivets. A standard "ON/OFF" indicating light was also provided, which is bright enough to be seen from a distance. A variety of temperature control methods are available at preheatovens.com.


The interior of the K-360-46 preheat oven is fairly simple. No shelves were needed, but various shelving styles are available at preheatovens.com suitable for almost any custom preheating application. There are three 1000W tubular elements installed on the the sides of the oven which allows the heat to radiate inwards and around the oven. The elements are located behind perforated steel covers. The interior of the K-360-46 preheating oven is painted with a reflective, galvanized paint and the interior welds are touched up with high-temperature aluminum paint.

All our preheating ovens are made in the USA and feature a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty. Parts are readily available.

Oven Photos

preheat oven

preheating oven

heat treatment oven



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