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Category: Stick Electrode Ovens
ModelQtyDistributor Phone
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co.  Naugatuck, CT203-729-1217
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co.  Waterford, CT(860)629-7956
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co.  South Windsor, CT(860)528-9353
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. Chicopee, MA(413)592-1547
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. Milford, MA508-485-0752
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co.  Presque Isle, ME207-764-6511
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. Rockland, ME207-594-2137
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. Hermon, ME207-989-1467
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. South Portland, ME207-772-6381
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. Auburn, ME207-784-5788
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. Waterville, ME207-872-5411
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co Lebanon, NH(603)442-9595
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. Nashua, NH603-886-5356
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. Belmont, NH603-528-1443
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. Hooksett, NH603-627-7904
K-10L 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co.  Rutland, VT802-773-4130
K-10L 4 Gas and Supply Fort Worth, TX817-478-6004
K-10L 4 Gas and Supply Fort Worth, TX817-478-6004
K-10L 4 Gas and Supply Ingleside, TX361-776-2211
K-10L 6 Gas and Supply Canton, TX903-567-5736
K-10L 1 Gas and Supply Campbell, TX903-454-6565
K-10L 1 Gas and Supply Theodore, AL251-654-0080
K-200 3 Revell Supply Group Pearl, MS601-936-0008
K-200 2 Gas and Supply Corpus Christi, TX361-888-9003
K-450 2 Gas and Supply Fort Worth, TX817-478-6004
K-450 2 Gas and Supply Beaumont, TX409-842-5795
K-450 2 Gas and Supply  Humble, TX281-540-5500
K-450 8 Gas and Supply Jacksonville, TX903-586-1457
K-450 3 Gas and Supply Houston, TX713-694-5822
K-5 24 Gas and Supply Houston, TX713-694-5822
KHT-500 1 Gas and Supply Canton, TX903-567-5736
KT-15 12 Gas and Supply Mineola, TX903-569-3837
KT-15W/T 6 Gas and Supply Beaumont, TX409-842-5795
KT-15W/T 2 Gas and Supply Freeport, TX979-233-6411
KT-50 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co.  South Windsor, CT(860)528-9353
KT-50 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. South Portland, ME207-772-6381
KT-50 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. Auburn, ME207-784-5788
KT-50 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. Waterville, ME207-872-5411
KT-50 1 Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co. Hooksett, NH603-627-7904
KT-50 10 Gas and Supply Corpus Christi, TX361-888-9003
KT-50 12 Gas and Supply Jacksonville, TX903-586-1457
Category: Sub-Arc Flux Ovens
ModelQtyDistributor Phone
KF-100A 2 Gas and Supply Tyler, TX903-593-6306
KF-100A 4 Gas and Supply Henderson, TX903-657-9166
KF-300 1 Gas and Supply Campbell, TX903-454-6565
KF-300 1 Gas and Supply  Humble, TX281-540-5500
KF-300 3 Gas and Supply Henderson, TX903-657-9166
Category: Wire Spool Ovens
ModelQtyDistributor Phone
K-4RS 1 Gas and Supply Campbell, TX903-454-6565
K-4RS 1 Gas and Supply Tyler, TX903-593-6306
K-4RSM 1 Gas and Supply Campbell, TX903-454-6565
K-4RSM 2 Gas and Supply Ingleside, TX361-776-2211
K-4RSM 1 Gas and Supply Freeport, TX979-233-6411
K-MPO 1 Gas and Supply Mineola, TX903-569-3837

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