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Keen K-VF4.6 Industrial Heat Treating Oven
Cabinet Style, Vertical Forced Convection

Keen K-VF4.6 Industrial Heat Treating Oven Keen K-VF4.6 Industrial Heat Treating Oven with digital control
Keen K-VF4.6 Industrial Heat Treating Oven with doors open


Brief Product Description:

The Keen K-VF4.6 is a floor-positioned, forced-convection industrial heat treating oven with vertical air flow.  This ruggedly constructed, heavy-duty oven is an excellent low cost solution for a wide variety of heat treating applications.  Vertical airflow is produced by a 1/2 horsepower motor mounted on top of the unit, used in conjunction with a custom, in-house manufactured plug fan system for efficient, even heating inside the oven cabinet.  Forklift pockets at the oven base allow for easy transport of the unit.  See category descriptions of Keen Industrial Batch Ovens.

Specifications for the Keen K-VF4.6 Heat Treating Oven:















 3/4 HP




Key Features of the Keen K-VF4.6 Heat Treating Oven:

Oven Temperature Control System

  • Adjustable proportional integral (PI) digital controller
  • Stable, reliable control loop feedback temperature control
  • 3-digit LED temperature indicating display
  • Temperature readout in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Straightforward operation with easy-to-use features

Oven Safety Features

  • Adjustable, thermocouple-actuated manual reset over temperature control
  • Electrical disconnect switch with 60 amp fuse

Oven Construction

  • Durable powder-coated steel exterior
  • Welded construction
  • Vertical forced air flow
  • Heavy-duty reinforced double doors with cam-lock, ductile iron bar door locking system
  • High-strength door gasket with 304 stainless steel knitted wire core and high-temperature fiberglass overbraid
  • Pockets at oven base for easy transport by forklift
  • 1 year limited manufacturer warranty

Standard Equipment on the Keen K-VF10 Industrial Batch Oven:

  • Voltages: 240V 1-Phase, 3-Phase, 480V 1-Phase, 3-Phase
  • 3/4 HP blower motor with Keen custom-built plug fan
  • 200 lb. capacity, removable, perforated steel shelving
  • Riveted, steel channel shelf supports for enhanced load stability
  • Riveted side access control box for housing oven controls
  • Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements
  • 4 inches of UL classified, 7 lb/cf rockwool insulation
  • 4.6 cubic feet of workspace
  • Maximum temperature capacity of 999°F (537.22°C)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Keen K-VF4.6 industrial heat treating ovens be customized to suit my application?

Yes.  Keen industrial batch ovens are used in many different industries for a wide variety of heat processing applications. Each Keen customer has a unique heating application, part size and temperature requirement, and a customized batch oven is often the most effective choice for their specific heat processing needs.  If your parts require pre-heating or post-heating before installation, welding or assembly, Keen can custom design an industrial batch oven tailored to your specific process. Just call us 1-888-512-2870.

If you would like to customize this unit, please call us with the following details:

  • Size, weight and material of the parts being stored
  • Total number of pieces to be stored at one time
  • If the heat process is time critical
  • Voltage required
  • Temperature control desired

Can you tell me more about the Keen blower system installed on the K-VF4.6 vertical forced convection heat treat oven?

Keen’s proprietary plug blower systems offer great advantages over competing industrial ovens .  Aside from the motor itself, the systems are completely custom manufactured in-house and specifically designed for use on Keen industrial batch ovens.  The system is comprised of a motor, housing, shafts, plenum, fan and when in operation, the system is responsible for producing forced convection air flow on Keen industrial ovens.  Depending upon the customer’s application and the industrial oven selected, we offer horizontal or vertical forced convection systems to enhance process efficiency and thorough heating of parts.  Please click here to read more about Keen blower systems.

Can you tell me more about the door gaskets used on Keen industrial ovens?

Oven door gaskets are a critical component for industrial ovens because the gasket must provide a tight seal and serve to minimize heat loss from the oven cabinet and prevent intrusion of moisture and dust (and if the application requires it, air) into the cabinet. At Keen, we use the highest quality oven door gaskets available.  Made in USA, our gaskets are designed to provide a high temperature thermal seal on Keen industrial ovens with a maximum continuous operating temperature of 1000°F.  They are constructed of a 304 stainless steel knitted wire core, overbraided with Type E fiberglass.  The random spacing design of the braid allows Keen to effectively seal corner radii and structural anomalies. 

What type of heating elements are used on Keen custom heat treating ovens?

We install UL/CSA approved incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements on all Keen industrial ovens.  Tubular heating elements are versatile products that transfer heat efficiently by convection or radiant heating to air and gases.  They can be utilized in free convection or forced air convection ovens.  Incoloy is a high-performance alloy that has excellent mechanical strength, and is a common high-strength sheath material for elements used in industrial ovens.

I would like a different shelving configuration.  Can Keen offer a different type of shelf system for the K-VF4.6 heat treat oven?

Yes. For Keen custom industrial ovens, fabrication and design of shelving is specific to the customer’s process and can consist of flat perforated, removable, vertically adjustable, cradled, stackable baskets, trays and much more.  Shelving in our line of welding consumable storage ovens is specific to the type of consumable being stored and storage capacity.   The K-VF4.6 batch oven features removable, perforated 200 lb. capacity steel shelves positioned on riveted channel shelf supports.  We can produce a variety of configurations to enhance your heat processing efficiency.

Click here for more information about Keen custom shelving.

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